European Meet and Greet

imageSeventy women from around Europe and beyond joined us for the University Women Europe Meet and Greet in May 2019 and what a fabulous time we had. Hosted by the Department of Equality and Diversty at the University of Dundee and with the theme: My Story, My Identity the event revealed fascinating insights into the very different ways women build their careers: the obstacles and barriers they overcome and how hard it can be to find that elusive work life balance. Delegates contributed some of their own stories and together embraced the importance of empowering women and girls in the interests of society.

A visit to Verdant Works revealed the key role women played in the jute industry and in the story of Dundee, a point emphasised by Baillie Helen Wright when she welcomed the delegates to a Civic Reception in the City Chambers.

THE 2020 UWE MEET and GREET will be held in DUBLIN, May 15/17, hosted by the All-Ireland Federation of Graduate Women.   Watch this space for further details.