2021 Research Presentation Day

4 December 10am-3pm


This annual event features the work of female PhD students from across Scotland. The day will include presentations, demonstrations, and a poster session. Topics range across the sciences, social sciences, arts, and the humanities.

Tickets are free at Eventbrite, www.eventbrite.com/e/210307935697, and those with tickets will be emailed a Zoom link and password the day before.

Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Anfaal Ahmad-Khan

University of Glasgow – School of Accounting and Finance

The Nature of Accountability & Capital: ‘Adapting’ & ‘Enduring’ in the Chipursan Valley  

Toni L. Benedetti-Martin

Glasgow Caledon University – Glasgow School of Business and Society)

Studying ‘Body Stigma & Representation: Incorporating health taboos into screenwriting’

Pursuing a Doctorate in Philosophy, in the second of three-year study

Kathryn Burton

University of Dundee – Centre for Forensic Science

Development of Optical Nanobiosensors for the Detection of Illicit Drugs

Oluwatomisin Patience Dada

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh – School of Arts, Social Sciences and Management

Brexit and Social Care in Scotland: An Exploration of the Perceived Impact on Workforce Sustainability

Maria Insa-Iglesias

Glasgow Caledonian University – School of Computing

Visualisation in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Emilie Lambourg

University of Dundee – Department of Population Health and Genomics

Pain and Analgesia in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Linda Nicholson

University of Dundee – School of Applied Life Sciences

Understanding the Lived Experience of Formal and Informal care for Older People with Dementia

Elysha Ramage

University of Glasgow – School of Economics

Not Going to University and Social Class

Erin Rennie

Glasgow Caledonian University — Glasgow School for Business and Society

Feminist Social Media Activism and Online Abuse Against Women and Girls

Irene Ros

University of Edinburgh and the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Performing Stragismo and Counter-spectacularisation: Italian Right-wing Terrorism and Its Legacies

Sarah Gharib Seif

University of St Andrews – School of International Relations

Beyond the ‘Jihadi Bride’: The complicity of British media and governments in the co-constitution of colonial, racialized, and gendered narratives of the women who joined the Islamic State

Alison Spence

Information Studies, University of Glasgow

Restoring material properties to digitised archives

Marwa Waly

Glasgow Caledonian University – School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment

Development of Integrated Sustainable Industrial Waste Management Plan

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