The Work They Say is Mine – Women in Shetland, the Camera Wife, the Soond Lass, and the Makkin’

IMG_0254Fascinating, funny, thought-provoking and ultimately moving, the award winning drama-documentary, celebrating the lives of Shetland women, past and present was enjoyed by a large audience  at the Dundee Women’s Festival.  The event was organised by GWSEast in collaboration with Lifelong Learning Dundee

Made with an all women crew, the film won the Television and Radio Industries Club of Scotland (TRICS) Award in 1987. Shetland women connect us back to a way of life that has been similar for generations, telling the story of the knitters, their skilled and creative work and how they tried to make a living for themselves and their families within an unfair bartering system on the island.

Producer Rosie Gibson was joined in a Q&A session by Dr Ellie Hothersall of the University of Dundee, herself a keen knitter,  who helped explore the wider inequalities associated with the work of women then and now.  The Q&A was chaired by GWSEast member, Dr Susie Schofield from the University of Dundee.

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