GWS attends University Women of Europe Conference

The Franciscan Monastery in Graz, the base for the UWE Conference.

In August, Margot Cram, Pam Keeling and Ann Auchterlonie attended the University Women of Europe (UWE) Conference in Graz, where the theme was ‘Changing Cultures’. Graz, a beautiful city in Austria, has a UNESCO recognised Medieval centre and the conference was held in the Franciscan Monastery there. They went to learn more about where GWS sits within the European Community, what being a member of UWE might mean for GWSE and, critically, what do other NFAs do as members of UWE and how .

The AGM made some significant decisions including changes to the constitution to allow Finland to rejoin UWE while not being affiliated to GWI. The change has implications for Germany and other countries who don’t want to be involved with GWI. An increase in the dues to one euro per member was also approved.

They were interested to hear the reports from CERs about the activities in the different NFAs where some seemed to be attracting funding for projects. However when it came to setting goals, the common themes were attracting more and younger members.

Gras Conference
Margot Cram and Pam Keeling with the Scottish President and one of the UWE hosts from Austria.

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