2017 Spring Literary Lunch

Close and Cram
Novelist Ajay Close and the GWSE President Margot Cram share a joke at the GWSE Annual Lunch.

The annual Literary Lunch was a tremendous success. Held at the Invercarse Hotel on 26 March, GWSEast members met for a lovely meal and to hear novelist Ajay Close to talk about her recent book A Petrol Scented Spring. Ajay enthralled and shocked members and guests with tales of the activities of Suffragettes in Scotland and the horrors of force feeding in Perth Prison as described in her latest work.

Perth Drama Group
Martin Nichollas and Carolyn Duffin of the Perth Drama Group play Dr Hugh Ferguson Watson and Arabella Scott.

Members were also treated to a pop-up performance of excerpts from AJay Close’s very moving play, ‘Cat and Mouse’. Martin Nicholls and Carolyn Duffin from the Perth Drama Group portray Dr Hugh Ferguson Watson, the only doctor in Scotland who agreed to force feed the suffragettes and Arabella Scott, the suffragette subjected to his special attentions.



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