Research Presentations Day

imageApril 29 Discovery Point, Dundee: Research Presentations Day

This year GWSEast hosted the annual event offering Ph.D students an opportunity to present their work and receive constructive feedback from members and an academic assessor.  75 students expressed an interest in taking part and 8 students were selected. Their research studies included foot problems associated with diabetes, the interplay between heritage and tourism, a comparative study of media representation of immigrants in Britain and Denmark,  obesity and the urban environment,  hazard perception in driving and gender, mathematical investigation of tumour growth and spread, understanding gestures made by Great Apes and a study of the work of Jenny Gilbertson, an early documentary film-maker.  

Dr Susie Schofield, University of Dundee led the assessment and gave constructive feedback to the students. She is pictured below with Rania Edris, from Dundee alongside Rania at work in her investigation into pressure on the diabetic foot. image

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