2016 Access Prize Winners

Naomi Wilson, Margot Cram (GWSEast Present), and Lesley Small.

At our AGM on 20 October, we awarded Lesley Small and Naomi Wilson bursary prizes for achieving top marks in their respective access programmes.

Small has recently completed the Transition Programme at the University of Abertay, and Wilson finished the University of Dundee DUAL Summer School this year. Both are now studying as first years at the University of Abertay and the University of Dundee.

These two outstanding local students both stated that, without the Transition Programme and the DUAL Summer School, they would not have returned to higher education. Both Small and Wilson are mature non-traditional students, and without recent Highers they didn’t feel they would gain entry to a University course. With the hope of one day becoming University graduates, they enrolled on the Transition Programme and the DUAL Summer School. Not only have they succeeded, they were the top female students in the 2016 classes.

Each year Graduate Women Scotland East awards a bursary to the top female performer of the University of Dundee and University of Abertay access programmes. Congratulations to both Lesley Small and Naomi Wilson for being this year’s winners.



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